Mission Alarm Clock – Guaranteed to wake you up!



iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch



**We GUARANTEE your morning with newly launched mind-blowing missions**
**DEFINITELY wakes you up!**
**Contains 4 unique levels of mission difficulty + Newly updated mission** 
**Don’t miss our updated features! : A whole new design with various features added** 

Aren’t you bored of the old alarm clock? Do you want something new and different? Try our high-quality Mission Alarm Clock which requires you to complete a mission of your choice to turn off the alarm. Enjoy a new and fun experience when you wake up in the morning! 

We strongly encourage this alarm application for those of you 
- who struggle every morning to wake up on time 
- who are bored of the same old alarm clock 
- who want to enjoy the fun of turning the alarm off 

Our alarm clock will give you a whole new experience by providing various functions including the main features below. 

o You can set your own customized alarm including the function to set your own notes and phrases 
o Set your alarm with your favorite music on your playlist! 
o Alarm volume adjustable 
o You will be required to complete exciting and fun missions in order to turn off the alarm 
o Rhythmic and unique background music will help you wake up 
o Fun and exciting animations to brighten up your mornings! 
o Snooze function every 30 seconds 
o Alarm list preview with thematic elements gives you extra excitement! 

o Enjoy the fun of being in a Theme Park! 
o Provides both dates and day of the week 

- Instructions 
o Pull IT: Pull the lever down to turn the alarm off! (Level: Easy) 
o Break the Car: Break the cars in numerical order (Level: Normal) 
o Shoot the Bull’s eye: Shoot the Bull’s eye with the gun (Level: Hard) 
o Shake it: Shake the device until the gauge is completely full! (Level: Hard Core) 
o A brand-new math mission: Answer the random math questions as quickly as you can! (Level: Crazy) 

Coming Soon 
o Weather Forecast/ Brightness / Landscape Module and other features will be updated in the future